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Armizare is Italian for "The Art of Arms". It is the study and practice of European Martial Arts originating in Italy from the 14th century through the Renaissance.  Many famous  fighting masters, from this time period, penned and illustrated  detailed manuscripts of their teachings.  These manuscripts have been  handed down and preserved, now  residing in museums and private collections. They  serve as the foundation of our study and training.

Tri-State Historical Fencing Club

International Armizare Society

The HEMA Alliance

Tri-State Historical Fencing Club is a community based, non-profit, Martial Arts Organization located in Port Jervis, NY.
Our Martial Art is called "Armizare", and it focuses on the Medieval Longsword, Dagger, Grappling, and PoleArms, in the Italian tradition.  Our course of study adheres to the structure, traditions, and interpretations of the International Armizare Society, to which we are an affiliate School.

We are also a Fencing Club where students can participate in fencing matches, freeplay, as well as HEMA tournamants.  All Fencing is done with HEMA related weapons and is available to those who have reached a reasonable level of skill defending themselves.
The International Armizare Society is an organization dedicated to the preservation and instruction of Armizare Internationally.  They have created a strong sense of fraternity for educators, clubs, and students that strive to practice European Martial Arts at the highest level of Italian tradition.

Tri-State Historical Fencing Club has been very fortunate to be invited into the Society!  Their years of experience and dedication to Armizare have have helped our program develop a strong foundation and curriculum for growth and learning.

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The HEMA Alliance is a martial arts organization to which we have been an affiliate of since we started our club in April of 2015.  The HEMA Alliance supports the education, safety,and awareness of Historical European Martial Arts across the globe.  They have created a very strong and inclusive community for the European Arts!
Tri-State Historical Fencing Club follows all the rules and regulations as laid out by the Alliance for safety, equipment, and activities.
We also participate in many HEMA Alliance related events and seminars including Longpoint League here on the East Coast.

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"To master the Sword is to master the Self!
In our modern world we no longer carry its' steel,
but have much to gain from its' virtues!
Courage, Patience, Strength, Intuition
and most important, Honor!"
Today European Martial Arts have not acquired the popularity of Asian Martial Arts .

Europe unlike Asia abandoned much of their martial traditions.   HEMA, WMA, and Armizare Schools have brought these arts back to life through rigorous study and re-creation of the techniques as illustrated in the Manuscripts. 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.....

The Flower of Battle Manuscript

"Il Fior di Battaglia" is the "Flower of Battle manuscript written in 1409 by the famed master Fiore dei Liberi.  It is one of the oldest surviving European fighting manuscripts that we possess besides the German MS I.33 fechtbuch.  There are basically 4 different versions of this work.

Fiore writes and Illustrates his fighting methods detailing the sword in one hand, the sword in two hands, dagger against dagger, dagger against sword, empty hand vs dagger,  and grappling an unarmed opponet.  He also illustrates using polearms on foot such as the poleaxe and spear as well as a short section on a baton.  Fighting on horseback is also in the treatise including sword and lance.
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